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Cost Assistance Stories

We are so grateful for your support throughout the year that makes stories like these, along with the funding of our spay and neuter program, possible!

Cost assistance can make the difference for a family being able to keep or save their pet. While Friends of Shelter and Companion Animals has helped several dog and cat families this year, here are just three who have benefited from your donations in the past few months:

Hazel was a 16-week-old stray kitten found walking on her wrist and a kind family took her in. She had a paralyzed radial nerve and the vet believed it could have been caused by being dropped from a car. FOS contributed $1000 toward her amputation surgery last week and her family was able to cover the rest.

Rosco, a senior Cocker Spaniel, was taken in by a loving friend when his owner passed away. Rosco needed some expensive dental work which we were able to pay for.

Polo, a 5 month old kitten, needed surgery to remove part of his intestines and a large string he had consumed. Total cost was about $3000. We paid $1600 and Polo’s owner was able to raise the remainder from crowd funding. Polo’s surgery was successful and he is back home!

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