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Our beloved dog, Bandit was purposely hit by a truck on our private dirt road on August 11, 2017.  He is in very critical condition at the Veterniarian Care Animal Hospital in Albuquerque, NM. He sustained collapsed lungs & a right broken femur because of the trauma. He currently has bilateral chest tubes to keep his lungs open, a central line to replenish his body fluids and continuous oxygen to help with his breathing. He is such a strong and determined dog that his mind is fully intact & he has been awake and alert through all of this. 

Unfortunately, Bandit's only chance of survival at this point is to have lung surgery to repair his leaking lung and eventual orthopedic surgery to repair his broken femur. We have already paid close to $10,000 for his medical expenses and we no longer have financial means for further treatment because medical costs are very expensive and the veterinary hospital does not do payment plans, but requires payment at time of service or the option of “euthanasia” if we are unable to pay for the recommended medical treatments. I cannot imagine euthanizing our beloved Bandit when his senses are fully intact and he “kisses” us every time we are allowed to sit with him as he is FULLY awake and responsive.

Bandit is 1 ½ years old and was adopted into our family at 6 wks of age and has been the heartbeat of our family since his arrival into our lives. Bandit is a strong, lovable, compassionate and happy dog. Our family is devastated because of his trauma and we would love to do everything we can to help him survive. We would be forever grateful for ANY amount of financial support in helping in Bandit’s survival. Donation can also be made to VCA Hospital.

We want to thank you for reading this, thanks for your support and for carrying Bandit in your heart, thoughts and prayers! Many blessings to all of you! 


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